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Episode 037: Tim Metzner and Ry Walker, Differential

Mindy and I delve deep into our miniseries on tech startups by welcoming Tim Metzner and Ry Walker to the show. Tim and Ry are two co-founders of Differential, a Cincinnati-based startup company that’s part incubator, accelerator, consultancy, and angel investor. Uniting their many years of experience working in the tech startup scene, Differential works […]

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Episode 036: Bill Condo and Michael Waclo, Designer Vs. Developer

Matt’s friends Bill Condo and Michael Waclo joined us in this fun episode to talk about the rise of the Internet and how web technologies influenced all our nerdy origin stories. Bill is a talented developer while Michael is a sharp designer. Together and with the help of other web friends, they produce an interesting […]

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Episode 035: Pat Flynn, Let Go

Pat Flynn was so kind to stop by the podcast for a very special episode! If you’re a massive podcast connoisseur like Mindy (I’m getting there), then you may have already come across Pat. He’s the creator of the remarkably popular Smart Passive Income Podcast, which shares transparent insights into the world of online business […]

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