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We’re nerds. Books empower us. Data sets make us smile. Technology makes us giddy. We pursue our passions with hyperdrive energy, curiosity, intelligence, and attention to detail.

We’re sidekicks. We cherish the roles of ally, agent, accomplice, insider, and advisor. We forge dynamic duos and leagues of awesome. We don’t need the spotlight; doing good and making a difference are our rewards.

We’re NerdKicks. We believe that nerdy skills are superpowers. You probably do too.

With the help of our amazing nerdy guests, we decode our nerdy identities and alter egos, seeking truth, igniting possibilities, and occasionally blowing things up. Together, we learn what it takes to be a truly influential, accomplished nerdy sidekick.

Share our beliefs? Sound like good fun? Then join us. NerdKicks, for the win!

Dossier: Mindy Holahan

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Mindy (aka The Hyperbole Kid) is a proud Minnesotan and lifelong Golden Gopher. She mastered many of the nerd arts in her school days: reading novels while walking down crowded hallways, appearing nonchalant while dressed in a 12-piece band uniform, and using the term “retcon” in casual conversation. These days she gets her kicks by writing, listening to comedy podcasts, and making crafty gifts for her friends. She proudly uses the internet for its intended use: sharing photos of her cats.

Dossier: Matt Gartland

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Matt (aka Matthew the White) did his best to suppress his nerdiness, going undercover as a multi-sport athlete in his school days. In truth, Matt was secretly nerding out over Greek and Roman mythology, epic sagas, and classic literature. He loves all things Potter, with Lord of the Rings coming in a close second. Matt is a recent and enthusiastic convert to two nerdy staples: D&D and podcasts.