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Episode 008: Adam Baker; I’m Fine, Thanks

Say hello to Adam Baker: online entrepreneur, blogger, speaker, family man, nerd, all around swell guy, and (now) documentarian.

I’m Fine, Thanks is the documentary Adam and team have been working tirelessly at for the last many months. The film is “a collection of stories about life, the choices we all make, and the paths we ultimately decide to follow.”

Their message strikes very close to home as NerdKicks is about examining our personal hero’s journey, our quest to become better nerds.

Speaking to Adam about the film’s essence, creative process and special moments was delightful. To experience the full effect of their storytelling, watch their amazing trailer (below) before listening to our chat with Adam.

If the message of I’m Fine, Thanks moves you as it moves us, please consider supporting their Kickstarter campaign.

And now, without further ado, episode 008 with Adam Baker!

Today’s password: documentary
Today’s mission: Check out the I’m Fine, Thanks Kickstarter Project


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