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Episode 036: Bill Condo and Michael Waclo, Designer Vs. Developer

Matt’s friends Bill Condo and Michael Waclo joined us in this fun episode to talk about the rise of the Internet and how web technologies influenced all our nerdy origin stories. Bill is a talented developer while Michael is a sharp designer. Together and with the help of other web friends, they produce an interesting […]

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Episode 032: Joanna Penn, The Creative Penn

We are thrilled to have Joanna Penn on the show! Joanna is both a successful fiction writer and an amazing blogger; her site, The Creative Penn, teaches writers the ins and outs of the entire writing process, from idea generation to getting a polished work into the hands of readers. Her advice and experience is […]

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Episode 030: Marisa Lynch, New Dress a Day

NerdKicks, meet Marisa! Marisa is quite the darling. She is so lovely and bubbly. And her project, New Dress a Day, is a bright ray of sunshine. Marisa started her project almost four years ago and is still going strong today, making a beautiful new dress each day out of scary garments found at thrift […]

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