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Episode 011: Casey Weber, Weber’s Deck

We are thrilled to welcome Casey Weber, our first music aficionado, to the NerdKicks Podcast. Casey has channeled his love of music and love of community into Weber’s Deck, transforming his backyard into a live concert venue nine weeks each summer. He truly embraces a sidekick role, supporting independent musicians and giving to his neighbors without asking for anything in return.

Take a listen to Tom VandenAvond and his song, “Meet Me at Weber’s Deck.”

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  • Brandon Paumen

    Absolutely loved the show! After listening to the episode, I downloaded and listened to the rest of the episodes. So cool to hear a couple of old classmates on a podcast!

    • http://www.nerdkicks.com/ Mindy Holahan

      Hey, thanks, Brandon! It was such fun to have Casey on! I hope I’ll see you out at a show this summer! 😀