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Episode 015: Kim & Jason,
Escape Adulthood

When I was a kid, growing up seemed magical. Bigger muscles. More freedoms. And maybe, just maybe, a hoverboard. Alas, no hoverboard. And alas, now that I’m “grown up,” life doesn’t feel so magical.

So what’s a big kid to do? Simple: Escape adulthood!

Escape adulthood is the rallying cry that energizes Kim and Jason Kotecki and empowers their delightful community of fellow rebels fighting against adultitis. I met Kim and Jason at the inaugural World Domination Summit (WDS), where they led a workshop about their speaking careers and message (“Adventurously live a story worth telling.”). Me = instant fan.

We kept in touch over the year and, recently, reconnected at this year’s World Domination Summit, where I learned that Jason would be attending Comic Con the very next weekend. #Lucky #Envious #WickedCool

But before that, Kim and Jason graciously joined Mindy and I for a NerdKicks episode. What a treat! We adored the conversation, which stretched from overcoming cynics, “boldly refusing to act your age,” small business lifestyles, family values, Star Wars, Batman, little moments, Jason’s incredible comics, and much more.

Enjoy the show! :)

Today’s password: Adultitis
Today’s mission: Check out our fabulous sponsor, Flipper Media. Also, post a picture of a favorite childhood toy using the hashtag #EmbraceYourNerd.


Listen to Episode 015:


Bonus Material! Woohoo!

Kim and Jason handed out a wonderful booklet during their 2011 WDS workshop. It’s filled with silly, fun and important messages like:

  • “Play hard, often and just because.”
  • “We grown-ups like to make things endlessly complicated.”
  • “The more I unleash my own uniqueness into what I offer, the more uncopyable–and successful–I become.”

They’ve kindly allowed us to post a digital version of this booklet for free download. To get your copy, either click here or the image to the right. We know you’ll love it too.

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  • Ben

    Really appreciated Kim and Jason’s honesty about how much hard graft and patience it took to become an overnight success.

    Sorry about the star thing. Couldn’t work it out and it went kind of crazy on me.

    • http://winningedits.com/ Matt Gartland

      Agreed Ben. Kim and Jason’s honesty was wonderful. Our respective quests to impact the world in important ways are always filled with troubles as well as triumphs. Talking about those troubles is just as necessary as trumpeting our victories.