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Episode 009: Laura Miller, Secret Agent L

Be kind. No exceptions.

That’s the mantra of the Secret Agent L Project, founded and governed by the lovely Laura Miller. Her project began cloaked in anonymity; special, little acts of kindness were popping up all over the towns of Pittsburgh. The locals were grateful, and curious. So too was the media. Finally, after a year of missions, Laura revealed her true identity to the world.

I’ve known Laura for a while now and can rightfully say there is no sweeter person alive. Her kindness knows no bounds and is matched in accomplishment by her many creative talents, sense of humor and comedic one-liners.

When visiting in Pittsburgh, Laura joined Mindy and me in my parent’s basement to record our first in-person episode featuring a special guest. That makes Laura (and this episode) extra special. W00t!

Now, on with the show! And afterward, be sure to return here to get your instructions (below) for a special Secret Agent L + NerdKicks kindness mission.

Today’s password: kindness
Today’s mission: See the special mission section below!


Listen to Episode 009:


Your Mission Starts Here

Over 1,800 people from around the world have volunteered to join the ranks of secret agents of kindness. We want to help grow that number. That’s why we’re recruiting you!

Secret Agent L missions of kindness are easy, fun and gratifying, to you and whoever discovers your gift. All you have to do is leave a small gesture of good will–a thank you card, a crafty creation, a little treat, etc.–in a public place where someone, anyone can find it.

The premise is to be sincere, kind and uplifting. No need to spend much money, or any money at all. In fact, Laura strongly advocates spending no more than $5.

When you conduct your mission, be sure to leave with it one of the Secret Agent L mission cards. What’s that you ask? See below, a special edition mission card created between Secret Agent L and NerdKicks.

Click here or the image above to download the mission card PDF. Next, print it out on white card stock using the two-sided option on your printer! That’s important so you get a double-sided “business card.” Cut out the card and attach it to your act of kindness. Your recipient will know that he or she has been secretly targeted by an Affiliated Agent of Secret Agent L!

Finally, take pictures of your mission in final form and (optionally, though ideally) as you’re creating it. And write a short narrative of what the mission is all about: what inspired you, where you left it, how you felt, etc. Email all your materials (photos and story) to mindy@nerdkicks.com. We’ll compile them into one big mission for Laura to publish :)

Thanks so much in advance for supporting the cause of kindness. We can’t wait to review your missions!

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