Episode Debriefs

Episode 007: Nerding Out in Gotham
(a.k.a. Pittsburgh)

It’s about time, right? We certainly thought so!

That’s right friends, Matt and I recently rallied in Pittsburgh, PA to–among other nerdy things–conduct our first in-person NerdKicks Podcast! It was super fun. While we heart the Internet, there’s simply no replacement for face-to-face geeky conversation. And as you can tell from the copious show notes below, we geeked out a lot!

In fact, we recorded three podcasts! The others will broadcast soon, including a very special episode with the wonderful Laura Miller of the Secret Agent L project.

We hope you enjoy our first in-person podcast. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks!

PS – The photos of us above are from our visit together. We tried hard to pose as tough superheroes. Very intimidating, right? :)

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Listen to Episode 007:



  • Teens Who Can Barely Talk: The article about the loss of 40,000 words referenced by the Whole Foods Market checkout clerk.
  • The Skinny: A fabulous article about body image and the media by Scarlett Johannson. (Okay, we didn’t mention this article explicitly in the episode, but as we discussed The Avengers, we wanted to share this article by one of the movie’s stars.)



Miscellaneous Concepts/Things:

Movies (Comics):

Movies (Other):


Television Shows:


Elton John’s “I Want Love” music video. Watch this, both for the Steadicam shot and to have Robert Downey Jr. stare into your eyes for four minutes.

Stephen Fry’s elegant essay on the evolution of language, the crime of grammatical pedantry, and why we should love the English language. We agree whole-heartedly, Mr. Fry!

“An Open Letter to Stephen Fry” by Molly Lewis. The original video, and how charming she is!

Molly Lewis performing “An Open Letter to Stephen Fry” live for Mr. Fry. It’s adorable and slightly awkward, as any geeky performance ought to be.

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Mindy is a virtual assistant for writers. She tracks nerd culture at large and has a strong predilection toward British detective novels, Hitchcock movies, fiber arts, and ninja Excel shortcuts. In her alter ego as The Hyperbole Kid, Mindy battles injustice with a potent mixture of uber-enthusiasm, creativity, and rapid data recall.
  • Nwels

    Tangential genius.


    • http://winningedits.com/ Matt Gartland

      Thanks Non! We try :) Hope you’re well.

  • Connie Gartland

    love…love…love the kitty story. Purr-fect intro to Episode 007: Nerding Out in Gotham. You two are awesome…I love listening to your chats. Move over Batman…these two new “tough superheros” are moving in.

    • http://winningedits.com/ Matt Gartland

      Thanks Connie…er, mom! :) Mindy and I had a grand ol’ time recording from the basement. And the kitty cameos were fun and special too! So glad you’re enjoying the show. As good nerds, we do try extra hard to make it awesome!