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Episode 010: Open Kindness

Laura Miller inspired us so much last episode that Matt and I dedicated this episode to expanding upon the subject of kindness, in an open source sort of way! Neat-o, right?!

This episode is fun for a few more reasons. One, it’s another in-person recording from Pittsburgh (alas, our last for now). Two, it’s number 10…as in double digits! Yaaay!

Three, we’re still on our special Secret Agent L + NerdKicks kindness mission. We’ve already received a few wonderful submissions! Click here to visit last episode’s debrief post, where we explain about the mini-quest and how you can join the adventure.

Enough chatter…on with the show!

P.S. Did you notice the D&D game board and map behind Matt’s head? #NerdNightWin
P.P.S. Who’s that adorable furball in my photo? None other than Tigger, a.k.a. Action Kitty!

We’re practicing our superhero poses, just in case.

Today’s password: open
Today’s mission: Complete a special Secret Agent L + NerdKicks kindness mission.


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All Links Nerdy:

We briefly mentioned “Somewhere Out There” from An American Tail. Since Disney squashes all YouTube videos of their content, here’s my favorite version of the song, featuring Troy and Abed from Community. NBC squashes videos too, so who knows how long this will be up. Enjoy it while it lasts!

And finally, the Sharks vs. the Jets (or Google vs. Apple)

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