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Episode 022: Gui Cavalcanti, Project Hexapod

What could be cooler than a real-life giant robot spider? For real. How about a giant robot spider that you can drive! That’s precisely what Gui Cavalcanti and his team of 18 roboticists, engineers, designers, and fabricators are doing: building a 4,000 pound, 18 foot diameter rideable 6-legged robot named Stompy.

So much crazypants awesome!

Gui kindly joined us to talk about why he and fellow Project Hexapod founders wanted to build such a creation in the first place. It’s a fascinating story filled with a vision to not only build something ridiculously cool but have that creation serve humanitarian causes in big and important ways. You’ll also learn loads about the popular hacker space he founded (Artisan’s Asylum) that gave rise to Project Hexapod and other tantalizing nerdy projects.

And, of course, you’ll learn a thing or three about building a two-ton mechanical hexapod, just in case you’ve ever tossed around the idea of doing so.

Without further ado, here’s episode 22 with the inspiring Gui Cavalcanti. Enjoy!

Today’s password: seis
Today’s mission: Learn more about “Stompy” and the super-fabulous Project Hexapod team at their website.


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