Episode Debriefs

Episode 013: Steve Swanson,
The MuppetCast Part 1

Seriously, who doesn’t love the Muppets?!

I met Steve Swanson, host of The MuppetCast, on a total fluke. We both attended Chris Guillebeau‘s Columbus, Ohio meetup for his new book, The $100 Startup. Chris, a friend, kindly asked me to contribute my thoughts in response to a gentlemen’s question about the state of publishing. Afterward, a few folks came up to me with questions. I presume Steve had a book-related question too. I don’t recall it at all because, amazingly, the subject of podcasts somehow came up. And that was that for the whole book subject. :)

We talked for a good bit about his show and his amazing guests, which have included insiders of the Jim Henson family and original Muppet cast and crew. After attacking him with questions, I shared that I co-hosted a nerdy podcast too. From those embers, this spectacular (if I do say so myself) NerdKicks episode was born!

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Here’s the Todd Snider song Steve mentioned.

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