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Episode 005: The Dark Side of Nerdiness

Geeking out is fun, but there’s a dark side to nerdiness: taking our nerd superpowers too far. These self-inflicted curses can become full body binds, slowing us down and crippling our strengths. #fail

In today’s episode, we build off of our chat with Steve Kamb and explore what happens when a particular power turns into an obsession, and how to pull ourselves out.

We all struggle with this polarity of powers. So don’t miss this episode as surely our personal stories will resonate with you.

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About Mindy Holahan

Mindy is a virtual assistant for writers. She tracks nerd culture at large and has a strong predilection toward British detective novels, Hitchcock movies, fiber arts, and ninja Excel shortcuts. In her alter ego as The Hyperbole Kid, Mindy battles injustice with a potent mixture of uber-enthusiasm, creativity, and rapid data recall.
  • NWels

    Thanks for sharing your stories, guys. I can relate to both of them. Matt, I had experienced something very similar in my early twenties. Although I suspect we had different reasons for getting there. Mindy, I struggle with the same thing, only a tad less voracious. :) I am very happy to hear you both have recognized the dark side and faced it as a true Rebel, or Nerdkick.

    Keep it up, buds. I genuinely adore this podcast.


    • http://winningedits.com/ Matt Gartland

      Thank you Non so much for sharing! We’re thrilled that you enjoyed the episode, and that the show generally is striking a good cord with you.

      Please keep sharing any ideas and feedback you have to help the show grow. We’re clearly still in the early stages, and – like a good NerdKick – we band together and encourage feedback :)


      • NWels

        Thanks, guys. Do you have plans to build out the Nerdkicks website, create a forum, or a blog, or live meetings with fellow Nerdkicks?

        • http://winningedits.com/ Matt Gartland

          We absolutely do have plans to enhance the site and, overall, the NerdKicks empire! What would be your #1 interest? Forum? Contributor blog? Etc.?

          Thanks for collaborating Non!

          • NWels

            I think a contributor blog would be neat. There’s a ton of room for ideas there. And a great way to bring people together. A forum would work similarly, but a blog could establish a more cohesive set of concepts and ideas for people to follow, share, latch onto.


    • HolaMindy

      Non! You’re the best ever! Thanks for listening! Let us know what you like, don’t like, if there should be more discussion of cats (it is the internet, after all).

      Thanks, too, for sharing about your dark side of nerdiness. Perhaps if we band together, you and I could read the entire internet. I’ll take the right side, you take the left, and we’ll meet in the middle. 😀